Understand these 8 symptoms of coronavirus

Let’s understand what are the symptoms of coronavirus. Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly all over the world. Scientists say that more and more testing is necessary to break the chain of viruses. However, the Symptoms of Coronavirus disease are seen in many people with much delay. Second, its indications are so like the basic cold and cold that it gets hard to recognize them. Let us tell you what major symptoms appear in the body, you should seek the help of doctors.


1. A report released by American researchers and WHO states that a person starts having a dry cough after being hit by the coronavirus. If you are having such a problem then you should definitely go to the doctor.

2. Patients have also seen symptoms of a blocked or runny nose. However, the problem of a runny nose is not necessarily a sign of coronavirus. The nose usually starts due to allergies or chills. According to the WHO report, less than five percent of COVID-19 patients experience these symptoms.

3. The patient starts to have a high fever and his body temperature increases very much. So far, many health experts have claimed to have a high fever in the coronavirus.

4. On the complaint of coronavirus, a person starts having trouble breathing in the first 5 days. A report claimed that respiratory problems are due to the spread of mucus in the lungs.

5. Muscle pain or chills can also be symptoms of coronavirus. According to the WHO report, 11 percent of the people have felt symptoms like chills, and 14 percent of people have muscle pain. These may be signs before severe symptoms emerge.

6. According to a report published in the Lancet Journal, only 3 percent of people infected with the coronavirus in China had diarrhea. At the same time, according to the report of the World Health Organization, 5 percent of the corona virus-infected patients in China had nausea.

7. According to a recent report from the US Washington Nursing Home, about one-third of people had coronavirus test positive, but half of them had no symptoms. While some patients had unusual symptoms like restlessness and difficulty in getting up and sitting.

8. Problems such as sneezing and sore throat have been seen in some patients of Coronavirus. However, sneezing does not mean that you are suffering from Coronavirus itself. There is a problem like sneezing and sore throat even when allergic or cold.

If you feel anything like this, isolate yourself from now. Rest and get plenty of fluids. Contact your doctor Inform the doctor about your symptoms.

When does the need to be hospitalized?

  • Most of the people who have coronavirus infection can be cured by taking rest and pain-reducing medicines like paracetamol. (Note: Before taking any medicine, please consult the doctor. )
  • The need for hospitalization is when the person starts having trouble breathing. By looking at the lungs of the patient, the specialist determines how much the contamination has expanded and whether the patient needs oxygen or a ventilator.
  • But in this, the patient does not have to be admitted to the emergency department of the hospital ie Accident and Emergency.

Two new things involved in the symptoms of coronavirus?

  • If you are not getting the taste of things in the food and are not able to smell the things around then you should be careful. You must get Korana examined. The Union Health Ministry on Saturday also included a decrease in the ability to smell and taste in the symptoms of coronavirus. A discussion on this issue was going on for a long time.
  • The National Task Force has decided in this regard after extensive discussion. It has been found that the ability to smell and feel taste has decreased in people infected with corona. Therefore it has now been included in the symptoms of infection.

What are these three characteristics

  • Constant cough- This can cause a persistent cough, that is, you may have a persistent cough for an hour or more and you may have at least three such seizures within 24 hours. But if you have a cough, it can also be a matter of concern.
  • Smell and taste not detected – Experts say that fever and cough are still important symptoms of the virus which should not be ignored.
  • It is believed that it may take an average of five days for the coronavirus to start showing symptoms, but in some people, it may be shorter.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus can take up to 14 days between reaching the body and showing symptoms.

Fever- Due to this virus, the temperature of the body can rise up to 37.8 ° C, due to which the person’s body can become hot and he can feel cold.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, it is very important to recognize its symptoms. The coronavirus can be controlled only by identifying the symptoms.

  • The main symptom of coronavirus is high fever. It is a matter of concern only if it reaches 100 ° F (37.7 ° C) or above in children and adults.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 88 percent fever, 68 percent cough due to infection with coronavirus

Note – The information and suggestions of this article are based on general information. Best Health Care Tips does not confirm this. Experts should be consulted before implementing this.

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