If you want to keep your family healthy and safe during the coronavirus epidemic, then it is very important to adopt these 5 tips

People have become careless about the coronavirus epidemic, but the epidemic has not stopped. In the past few days, the coronavirus has taken a more formidable appearance. The presence of 25 to 30 thousand patients daily is a sign demic has not stopped. In the past few days, the coronavirus has taken a more formidable appearance.

The presence of 25 to 30 thousand patients daily is a sign that the rate of spread of the virus has not stopped, but has increased. This is why it is very important to protect yourself and your family from this epidemic. Coronavirus-transmitted disease Covid-19 is a type of respiratory infection, which protects your body’s immune system, or immunity.

If you keep your immunity strong, then you can avoid getting sick from this disease and if you are vulnerable, you can also avoid seriousness. We are telling you 5 tips given by health experts, with the help of which you can keep your family healthy and safe.

Follow these 3 rules for each member of the household

The most important and most important rule to prevent coronavirus is to follow social distancing. It is very important to keep a distance of up to 1.5 meters from every person at a public place when social distancing means getting out of the house, meeting someone.

Apart from this, it is also very important to apply a mask on the mouth and wash hands before touching the face. If you put a mask on the mouth, keep your hands clean and follow social distancing, then your chances of getting caught by this virus are very less.

Keep the diet right

According to Doctor, need to pay a lot of attention to their diet and nutrition to avoid an epidemic. Many people here suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases (cardiovascular disease), and obesity.

All these diseases increase the risk of severity after a person is exposed to Covid-19. So people should increase their body immunity by changing their eating habits. Diet includes almonds, probiotic foods (yogurt, buttermilk, dosa, pickles), seasonal vegetables and fruits, etc.

30 minutes daily exercise

Exercise is also very important to stay healthy. According to Madhuri Ruia, Pilate Expert and Diet and Nutrition Consultant, many things are important for staying healthy, such as – you should take a balanced diet, get enough sleep, keep the body clean, and most important is regular exercise.

It is necessary to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. In this 30 minutes, you can walk, do squats, do Zumba or aerobics.

Have the right snacks

Snacks play a big role in building and spoiling your health. Many people eat food at home, but for snacks rely on fried and processed foods from the market rather than at home.

Therefore, it is very important for you to take the right snacks during the epidemic to increase your body immunity. In the snacks, you can have roasted makhana, apples, any sour fruit rich in vitamin C and almonds. Almonds keep your hunger under control for a long time. Almonds contain copper and folate, which work to increase your immunity.

Exit only if necessary

By adopting the above-mentioned things, you can increase your immunity and avoid getting caught by the virus. But still keep in mind that if people with strong immunity are exposed to the virus, even if they do not have serious health problems, they can do the work of spreading the virus (as a carrier).

So also keep in mind that do not leave the house without necessary work. Stay in your home, as much as possible. In this way, you can save your family and other people from the danger of this pandemic by staying healthy and safe.

11 tips that will keep your family safe and healthy from the coronavirus epidemic

People are at home as far as possible amidst the awe of Corona. However, they sometimes have to get out in connection with essential goods or work. In this sequence, the infection is also spreading. In view of this, doctors and experts on infectious diseases have given many useful tips.

By adopting these tips, you can stay safe from this dangerous infection to a great extent, Because your family members can stay away from the disease.

1. Send only one person out of the house to buy goods. This will reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, create a disinfection area in the house.

2. When you exit, keep at least six feet or two yards from others. While shopping, wipe the handle of your cart or basket. When outside the house, do apply a mask. At the same time, maintain washing your palms and sanitizing constantly. Avoid touching your face.

3. When you come back, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 minutes. Disinfect your bags and food packets in the disinfection area of the home.

4. Clean the door deal with, light transfer, key, phone, keyboard, remote. Use a good injector for disinfection and leave the surface wet for 3-5 minutes. Keep soap, bleach, infectious, and sanitizer at home.

5. Ask the delivery worker to keep the delivery at the door of the house. If you need to come to the door, keep a distance of at least 6 feet.

6. Pay online for all goods and delivery.

7. Wash clothes and towels in warm water. Do not knock the dirty clothes, otherwise, the virus can spread in the air of the house.

8. Do not let any guests come to your house. Even if a family member comes, do not let them come to your living area. If they come to the living area, keep them six feet away.

9. If someone falls ill at home, contact the doctor immediately, and seek advice. Keep the sick member in a separate part of the house and do not share their belongings. Keep aside the items of the sick person.

10. If you have pets in your house, prevent them from coming into contact with other humans.

11. UNICEF has given many tips for maintaining family harmony in the house during Kovid 19. For example, it has been advised to speak positively to all people including children.

Some good habits to stay healthy

Coronavirus Epidemic

After coming home from the outside, apply external items, before cooking, before eating, after using the bathroom and wash your hands. If you have a small child in your home, it becomes more necessary. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before applying them.

Pay special attention to cleanliness in the house, especially in the kitchen and toilets. Don’t let water collect anywhere. Clean sinks, washbasins, etc. regularly and use phenols, floor cleaners, etc. Do not leave any food items. Keep raw and cooked foods separate. Keep utensils, fridge, oven, etc. used for cooking and eating. Never place wet utensils in a rack or cover without a dry canister.

Use fresh vegetables and fruits. Also store spices, grains, and other properly used ingredients and check the item’s date with the expiration date. Don’t use too much oil, spices, baked, and rich foods. Food should be cooked at the right temperature and vegetables etc.

Should not be destroyed by over-cooking. Also, pay special attention to the temperature when using the oven. Always cover food items and eat fresh food. Use lettuce, yogurt, milk, oatmeal, greens, whole lentils, and grains in the diet.

Try to include different types of foods on your plate. Utilize clean water for drinking and cooking. Wash vegetables and organic products well and use them.

Keep your restroom or bedroom clean, well-ventilated, and open. Keep changing sheets, pillow covers, and curtains and also make mattresses or mattresses with sunlight from time to time.

Use meditation, yoga, or meditation to increase concentration and relieve stress.

Do any exercise every day. Give it at least half an hour every day and keep changing your exercise routine, such as doing aerobics and sometimes just brisk walking. If you don’t have time for anything, aim for a brisk walk up the stairs to your office or home. Try not to sit in the same position for too long in the office.

Coronavirus Epidemic

After age 45, check your routine and take it regularly if the doctor prescribes you some medicine. Take time to stay close to nature. Play with the kids, run with your pet, and even make time for light recreation with the family.