In The New Testament (the second division of the Christian biblical canon) the word anointing oil or the use of anointing oil is mentioned about 20 times in it.

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In the book of James chapter 5 and verse number 14 “Is anyone sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: Jesus Christ”

You might came across that priest or pastor has anointed the person who was sick and within a few days that person is completely healed. Now do we put our faith in the oil or do we put our faith in the Word of God? This is an interesting topic to debate. So let me tell you never to put your faith in the oil but put your faith in what the oil represents.

Throughout scripture, you’ll notice that oil always refers to the Spirit of God and when the anointing oil is applied it’s symbolic of the constant flow of God’s Spirit oiling our spirits. It’s the reminder of the most precious gift that God has given us the oil of the Holy Spirit.

Do you remember in the Bible where it’s the story of the ten virgins and do you remember when five of them lacked the oil for their vessels that five of them left and went to purchase it and while they were gone purchasing the oil the bridegroom came and when they came back with their vial of oil the door was shut and they pounded and they screamed and they wanted their oil so the more of story is somebody cannot give you your oil you must obtain.

The oil on your own the oil always is referencing the precious gift of the Holy Spirit when we apply oil to the sick or to anybody who comes up for prayer.


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Generally pastor or priest given oil to anoint them, they never put their faith in the oil or where they put the oil they realize the symbolism and the power of the Holy Spirit for what’s that oil represents. It matters not what other religions teach you about the oil in fact the thief on the cross had no opportunities to be anointed with oil did he? Go ahead use any kind of oil you want as long as you remember the symbolism behind it. Come Holy Spirit come in Jesus name and god bless you!